User agreement and conditions for using Vift’s services.

This legal document or ”agreement” involves the establishment of legally binding conditions during the period ”you” use our services offered by Taxi Green Örebro AB (”Vift, us, we”). The purpose of this ”agreement” is to state the terms and conditions for the use of the services (electric scooters/electric vehicles) provided by ”us” to (”you or you”) in connection with your registration in the Vift app as a ”user” . In order to use our Services, ”we ” require that ”you” agree to all the terms of the ”agreement”.


In this Agreement, these words, concepts or terminology mean the following:

WE, OSS, Vift” refers to Taxi green Örebro AB, organization number: 559243-8336.

”YOU, YOU, USER” refers to you who use our services.

”Agreement” refers to this agreement, a legally binding legal document.

”Electric scooter”, ”Electric scooter” or ”Electric vehicle” refers to Vift’s electric scooters.

”Electric Vift scooter” refers to our electric scooters that we rent out.

”Vift-app” refers to Vift’s copyright-protected application, which allows you as a user to access the electric scooter through a mobile phone.

’Services’ means the electric scooters, the Vift app, the website or related services and information and equipment services made available by us.

”Website” refers to Vift’s website:

”Privacy policy” refers to the privacy policy made available on Vift’s website

”Usage zone” refers to the geographical locations determined and marked in the Vift app in which the electric scooter may be used, activated, temporarily parked, deactivated.

”Prohibited Parking Zone” refers to the geographical locations determined and marked in the Vift App in which the electric scooters or electric scooters may not be deactivated. In connection with deactivation at such a place, you cannot reactivate the electric scooter, which means that you should avoid staying in such a place. This is because negligence or careless acts of not complying with this rule may result in additional costs or fines.

”Recommended parking zone” refers to the geographical locations determined and marked in the Vift app in which parking of the electric scooter is recommended.

”Required parking zone” refers to the geographical locations determined and marked in the Vift app in which you must temporarily park and deactivate the electric scooter.

”Vift pass” refers to the right to use the Service through a subscription purchase/subscription (e.g. a monthly pass) or through the purchase of a usage period that is time-limited (e.g. 12 or 24-hour passes) which is more specifically explained in the Vift app.

The terms of use for users constitute the conditions for using our services. By accepting these terms and conditions, we agree that you can use our services in accordance with the terms established. If it is not clear, all prices and currency values regulated in this agreement must be stated in Swedish kronor (SEK).


1. Generally

1.1 Parties

You and Vift are the only parties to this agreement. You are the only one who may use Vift’s services and You may not hand over the electric vehicle or let anyone other than You use the electric vehicle. It is your job to ensure that Vift’s property is not used in a way that damages the electric vehicle or the brand.

1.2 You as a user are responsible for following the laws and regulations that are regulated in your local seat or in the countries where the electric vehicle is used. You are responsible for activating and deactivating the Electric Vehicle in accordance with the laws, regulations and ordinances of your local seat or country in which the Electric Vehicle is used.


2. Use of the App

2.1 In order to use the Services, you need to use the app. The app is made available in both Swedish and English, which you can change in your profile. The app enables people or you to be able to transport you with an electric vehicle by sharing your data about your geographic location. In order for you to be able to use our service, we need to track your device’s location via the app. You must provide us with access to your location information, deviations from the provision of services may occur based on your location information.

2.2 In order to use Our services, you need to register a user account (account) in the Vift app. You must follow the steps and instructions given during the registration process and You are required to enter correct information. If You do not enter correct information or have not followed the registration process correctly, You may not use the Services. You may only register a user account that is linked to You personally and may only make one registration. When registering, you must not pretend to be someone you are not. You must also ensure that no one uses your registration, especially when using an electric vehicle. If you notice that someone is using your data during registration, or your registration, you can contact us so that we can fix the problem as quickly as possible (see point 12).

2.3 Vift offers You to use the Vift app to be able to find, activate, deactivate or use an electric vehicle, provided that an electric vehicle is available. You can find the availability by going to the Vift app and seeing which electric vehicles are available. Vift cannot guarantee that you will always find an electric vehicle, or that the electric vehicle will take you to your destination taking into account the battery capacity.

2.4 We may update the App for bug fixes and other improvements. The services can be used if you have an internet connection to your mobile phone, tablet or similar. The quality of the services is based on your internet speed. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

2.5 The app’s functionality may be limited in the event of technical errors, and thus we cannot guarantee that the app will function flawlessly continuously. We disclaim any losses that you may incur as a result of the app not working or what you expect from the app.

2.6 Subject to your compliance with the terms of the Agreement, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the App on your personal device, telephone solely for the purpose of your use of the Services that we provide.


3. You may use our Services if

3.1 You have an account

3.2 Your account is linked to a valid credit or debit card, apple pay or other payment method accepted by the app.

3.3 If you are 18 years of age or older and if you are legally allowed to use the Electric Vehicle according to local regulations regarding the minimum age to use the Electric Vehicle in your seat. Or if you have a valid driver’s license or equivalent to use the electric vehicle if it is required by your municipality or seat requires it for use of the Services. If you do not comply with the age limit or if local regulations or other legislation require you to have a valid driver’s license to highlight the electric vehicle but you do not possess it, you are not entitled to use our Services. You are responsible for any misuse, e.g. by activating electric vehicles for a minor.

3.4 You must be in an acceptable and suitable physical condition to be able to drive the electric scooter. You must be competent and take care to travel in traffic and follow traffic rules and mandatory legislation. We recommend that you take reasonable measures to avoid serious injury in the event of an accident or similar (e.g. wearing a helmet).

3.5 You are responsible for adapting your driving to circumstances and to determine Your ability, medical condition, climate (including but not limited to, fog, snow, rain, ice, heat, water, thunderstorm, flood, natural disaster) and/or other external circumstances that may entail risk when using the electric vehicle. It is your task to decide how you will operate and use the electric vehicle. You must adapt to how you will use the electric vehicle with regard to weather, traffic or other external circumstances as well as your ability to adapt your speed, driving style and stopping distance. In certain circumstances, it may be advantageous not to use the electric vehicle (e.g. in the event of snow or other weather that makes accessibility, safety and security difficult).

3.6 It is your responsibility to undergo a basic safety assessment of whether the electric vehicle is suitable for use and whether its functions are intact. This is done through a visual check of the external functions such as brake, brake functionality, bell, wheels, battery capacity, lighting, body. You must not use the electric vehicle/electric scooter if you see visible faults or suspect that the electric vehicle is not working correctly (i.e. external damage to the electric vehicle’s wheels, lighting, body, frame, battery or suspicion of abnormal damage or defects of any kind on the Electric Vehicle. In case of suspicion or confirmation of damage to the electric vehicle You may not use the electric vehicle We ask you to contact us at if you suspect or confirm that the electric vehicle is not in usable condition (see point 12).


4. Availability of services

4.1.1 Electric vehicles are not always available and may only be available in good weather conditions. The availability may be different in the different geographical locations taking into account the demand.

4.1.2 Electric vehicles may be limited in number or in geographical locations if this is required to ensure the safety and security of the surroundings. Availability may be limited if there are traffic disturbances or similar reasons. We reserve the right to be able to limit the availability of the services to ensure that both local and general legislation is followed. The availability of the services may be limited in the event of repairs, unforeseeable events (force majeure) and other circumstances that make it difficult for us to make the service available.

4.2 Rental period

4.2.1 You have the right to rent the electric vehicle for a maximum of 24 hours, this means that you must deactivate the electric vehicle within 24 hours after you have activated the electric vehicle. If you intend to use the electric vehicle for more than 24 hours, you should deactivate the electric vehicle before the first 24 hours have expired. You are responsible for following the time frames that we set (24-hour rule).


5. Your use of the Services

5.1 You as a user must only use the Electric Vehicle for the purpose stated in this agreement, i.e. that you must transport yourself to different places in a safe, environmentally friendly and contractual manner. You may not use the electric vehicle for any purpose other than this. You must also not drive the electric vehicle on mountains, lawns, non-approved roads, waterways, puddles, forests, lakes, etc., which can damage both you and the electric vehicle. In case of violation of this, you may pay damages or a fine for repair costs and other costs that arise in connection with the fact that you have used the electric vehicle in an inappropriate manner.

5.1.1 Improper use of the electric vehicle

5.1.2. You must return the electric vehicle in the same condition in which you rented it, and the vehicle must be available for other users to use with an allowance for acceptable wear and tear and low battery level. You may also never modify, manipulate, hack, or otherwise access Vift’s property, hardware, sensitive information, the app, website or electric vehicles. You may only use our app, website and electric vehicles for the purposes that you approve in this legal document (agreement).

5.2 When downloading the Vift app and creating an account, as well as necessary information such as (phone number, name and payment information), you can activate your rental time to use the electric vehicle. To deactivate the electric vehicle, during your rental period, you must deactivate it via the Vift app. Note where you deactivate your electric vehicle as it can only be deactivated in certain geographical locations. Some locations prohibit disabling it, which may incur additional costs. Review and check that you park the electric vehicle correctly and in the specified manner, so that no one else is harmed and that another user can use it at the end of the rental period. You may not park the electric vehicle on private property, on driveways, indoors, places separated from the public, bushes, lakes, adjacent to forests or other areas that are not suitable for parking. The electric vehicles must be parked in specified places and in places next to bicycle racks. You may only use the electric vehicle in the specified locations specified in the Vift app and You must follow the rules about where and how you may and may not park.

5.3 Maximum weight

5.3.1 Vift’s electric vehicles have a maximum weight limit and must not be exceeded. The maximum weight limit is 100 kg. Nor may you transport objects or the like with the electric vehicle. You may only transport yourself. Nor are you allowed to use your phone while traveling with the electric vehicle. You must concentrate on your driving and operate the electric vehicle in an acceptable, appropriate and safe manner.


6. Accidents and theft

6.1 Incident

If you crash or are involved in an accident and are injured as a result of the accident or the electric vehicle, you must immediately contact Vift (see point 12).

6.1.1 Collision

If you suffer a personal injury or other damage from a third party, you must notify the police in the seat you are in and subsequently contact Vift (see point 12).

6.2 Theft

6.2.1 If the electric vehicle is found stolen during your rental period, you are obliged to notify and report the incident to us immediately. An electric vehicle is considered stolen if it is parked in the wrong place, if the rental period exceeds one day, if the GPS on the electric vehicle is deactivated, if we suspect that you or someone has transported the electric vehicle where it is not intended or if we suspect that it has been stolen or disappeared.

6.2.2 In the event of theft, the responsibility lies with the person who last used the electric vehicle, unless there are other circumstances that speak against this. In the event that a theft should materialize, we reserve the right to take reasonable measures against you as a user. In the event that we find that you have acted improperly against this agreement (theft), you may pay us damages to put us in the position we would have been in if the theft or disappearance of the electric vehicle had not occurred. You are responsible for the electric vehicle as soon as you activate the electric vehicle via the Vift app. You are responsible for all types of improper use of the electric vehicle and damages that arise as a result of Your actions and may compensate Us in the event of damage to the electric vehicle. It is Your responsibility to leave the electric vehicle in the condition it was originally in when You activated the electric vehicle.


7. Payment, vouchers and other charges

7.1 Payment via our app

7.1.1 By entering a correct payment method, you gain access to the services We provide. When paying for the use of our electric vehicles, you as a user receive an order confirmation via e-mail that you entered during the registration process. You have the option of being able to edit errors during input, until you make the payment to Vift. Upon payment, you have accepted Vift’s terms and conditions. The fees refer to tax and VAT. The payment will be deducted from the card you entered as a payment method on the Vift app. Upon acceptance of payment, you will be charged for the service.

7.1.2 When registering a means of payment, you as a customer must be 18 years old, enter the card number and expiry date as well as other essential information that may be needed. This enables the use of the service that we offer. You must agree that you are the one who owns or has the payment card at your disposal to be able to pay for our services.. Payments made via our app from you as a customer are received and distributed according to what we and our suppliers have agreed on. When paying, We may request that you as a customer verify the payment method.

7.2 Discounts

7.2.1 Vift can offer you lump sums as discount codes that are redeemed via the Vift app. The discounts may refer to student discounts, company discounts or lump sums that We offer. We reserve the right to revise or withdraw discounts. Discounts are limited to customers and created accounts.

7.2.2 The discounts may be intended to apply for a longer or shorter period. This could be, for example, exclusive lump sums, benefits or other discounts we can offer you.

7.2.3 When using the discount, the price of the trip can either be reduced or, in addition, the trip will be free of charge. The discount code cannot be combined or used in an inappropriate way and we reserve the right to be able to withdraw, cancel or invalidate the discount at any time, regardless of the reasons.

7.3 Collection Fees

7.3.1 If You cannot return the electric vehicle to the specified location (if you park in a prohibited parking zone, such as private properties or close to unauthorized areas etc and ask Us to collect the electric vehicle, you will be charged 900 SEK. If You leave the electric vehicle without deactivating the electric vehicle within required or recommended parking zones and do not notify us, you will have to pay 2,500 SEK to return the Electric Vehicle. In the event that You do not return our property, i.e. the Electric Vehicle, you will be charged for the full cost of the Electric Vehicle (10,000 SEK). Fees may be added and revised and we reserve the right to be able to value our Electric Vehicles.


8. Damages

8.1 Vift reserves the right to charge you an amount of 500 SEK in the event of violations of clause 1 and the terms and conditions as a whole. If damage has been incurred because of Your acts which exceeds 500 SEK, we reserve the right to request compensation for the actual damage. It is our responsibility to take measures to remind you of unauthorized parking (see point 1.2) before we charge you an amount.

8.1.2 All fees that we charge you for any damages that we suffer as a result of your negligence, willful failure to comply with the conditions for using the services must be paid by you to Vift.

8.1.3 We reserve the right to deactivate or terminate your account or Vift pass or restrict you from using our services if you have breached our terms or if, in our judgment, you have improperly used our services that deviate from the purpose. We reserve the right to limit your use of the Services immediately if we suspect that you are repeatedly using the Services in an inappropriate or non-exemplary manner.

8.1.4 You agree and are responsible for your own driving and can only make claims against us for damages caused by the vehicle and not by your driving.


9. Privacy and Integrity

9.1 GDPR regulates how we at Taxi Green Örebro AB may process your personal data. For us, integrity is part of our promise to you as a customer. Both during the taxi journey and when your personal data is processed, you should always feel safe because we put your privacy first. The information is stored in accordance with our privacy policy. All information regarding names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other essential information about you as a customer is stored in accordance with our privacy policy.

Read more about privacy policy at:


10. Additions or changes to the terms of use

In the event of future material changes attributable to the Terms, you will be and will be informed either through the App or by email. By continuing to use the app after changes or additions, you accept the new terms and you are considered to have been informed of the changes or additions made.


11. In case of dispute and choice of law

The conditions and agreements presented throughout in the terms and conditions shall, in the event of a dispute, be resolved in accordance with Swedish law. In cases where a dispute arises against the background of the conditions, the competent Swedish court should decide on the matter.

12. Contact Us

Taxi Green Örebro AB can be contacted by email at ,by phone at 019 25 25 24, or by post to Taxi Green Örebro AB, Kyrkogatan 11, 702 10 Örebro.


13. Right of withdrawal

Note that you do not have the right to cancel once you have started a trip in our electric vehicles. When activating electric vehicles, You have given consent to use our service and We have thus fulfilled our contractual performance. Regarding Vift passes, you have a right of withdrawal within 14 days from the purchase of Vift passes. To assert your right of withdrawal, you should contact us at (see point 12).