Privacy Policy of Taxi Green

This application collects some personal data from its users. Taxi Green is committed to the security and protection of users personal information.Taxi Green Örebro AB has therefore established a privacy policy regarding how your personal data shall be handled and protected. Term as “we” or “us” refers to Taxi Green Örebro AB and is registered under Sweden’s law. Terms such as “you” and “your” refer to persons who enter into agreement with Taxi Green Örebro AB.

This privacy Policy shall apply to Taxi Green Örebro AB with corporate registration number 559243-8336 as well as users of websites and apps by Taxi Green in order to offer booking solutions(transport) for taxis and other forms of transportation(service) and other companies that are interested in using Taxi Green’s application.

Our postal address is:

Kyrkogatan 11, Örebro 702 10



What personal data do we collect from users?

Your privacy is important. We only process the necessary information to provide you the best service. The type of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties are surname, family name, phone number, email address, Cookies, usage data, general activity data, payment information, movement activity and geographic position.

Users Personal Data may be freely provided by users in case of Data has been collected automatically when using this Application. All data requested by this Application is mandatory and failure to provide this Data may make it impossible for this Application to provide its services. In some occasions where it states that Data is not mandatory, users are not labored to communicate this Data.

Users are also responsible for any third-party Personal Data obtained, published or shared through this Application and confirm that they have the third party’s consent to provide the Data to the owner.


Purpose of processing

The Data of users is collected to give the best Service, defend its right and interest, detect dishonest and fraudulent activity, contacting the user, displaying content of the platforms, handling payments and interaction with social networks.

We connect you with a driver where we collect and process data for the purpose of connecting passengers with drivers, to show you where the closest driver is located, where you get picked on and off, to provide support and service.

We also show your geotechnical location data and phone numbers to  drivers to simplify your transportation. We collect this Data when the Application is activated, and stop after closing the application. We also use location data to make sure you arrive at your destination and for quality topics regarding our own services. Furthermore, data is collected on the given routes taken by the passengers and drivers route to analyze and quality purposes as most efficient routes. In addition to collecting geotechnical location data, we collect data to make the ride most efficient, cheapest and best service.

We collect your payment details on behalf of drivers. We also collect your data about journey, time and ratings from you and drivers to promote you, make sure you get qualitable transport, efficient route and pleasant transport.  Furthermore we use data for feedback purposes, support data and quality purposes. Your personal data as name, phone number and email address will be used for communication purposes- such as sending receipts of your ride, letting you know about application updates, promoting you and other relevant information regarding your transport.

Processing the Data

Taxi Green uses appropriate security features to prevent unauthorized access. Enabled tools such as computers are used for Data processing. In numerous cases the data may be obtainable to certain supervising staff that is involved with Application functioning- such as marketing, administration, system administration, sales or external parties- such as third-party technical service providers, mail carrier, hosting, IT companies and communication agencies.

Legal Basis

We are allowed to use your personal data in ways described in above if we have a good reason. The owner may process data relating users in following:

  • Personaldata will be processed for the purpose of providing services according to agreements made between us and you through the application. This data is processed to meet the obligations.
  • Processing your personal data based on interest such as providing and developing services and systems, developing safer rides, and making profitable features for passengers and drivers.
  • Processing is necessary and related to detecting dishonest and fraudulent activities, criminal acts and securing our system. Furthermore, personal data may be processed due to necessity for legitime interest by the owner or by a third party.
  • Processing is necessary in some other occasions such as legal obligation and emergencies regarding passengers.

The owners will be gladly to clarify specific legal basis that applies to

Data is processed at Taxi Green’s offices and also in other locations where the data is relevant. Depending on User’s location, data transfers may involve transferring the user’s data to another country other than their own. Owner will at any time help to clarify the legal basis of processing data if it is necessary.


Information of Personal data

Personal and usage data can be used by Taxi Green through the app for creating and also updating the users profiles. The user’s profile can be created by using algorithms and also be provided by a third party. The owners can assess user choiced, its behavior and proclivity. The users have the right to object to his profiling activity.

Retention period

Personal data of you shall be stored as long as you are an active user of the account on the application.

  • Which means that personal data shall be collected for purposes regarding fulfillment of the contract between the Owner and the application user and will remain until fulfillment of the contract has been performed.
  • Your personal data which is collected by the purpose of the Owner’s valid interests shall be retained in order to fulfill those purposes. An user should find information related to the valid interests rendered by the owner either within sections of this document or by contacting the Owner.

The user’s personal data should be retained by the owner for a longer time when the User has given permission for the processing of personal data, as long as the permission is not withdrawn by the User. The owner should also be able to retain Personal Data for a longer time when it’s required such as for legal purposes or by order of authority.

When the retention time has expired the Personal Data shall be deleted. Which will result in that the right to erasure, access or the right to rectification and the right to probability regarding data will not be able after the retention time has expired.


The right of the users

Users have rights and these can be implemented in certains situations regarding Data processed by the Owner. Users are allowed to wider protection standards and those rights are stated below. The Users may ask the Owner to determine which right applies to them. In specifik, the Users have right to do the following:


  • Right to withdraw their consent. Users have the right to withdraw their consent in which they previously have been giving the Owner the consent to processing their Personal Data.
  • Right to object to the processing of their Personal Data. Users have the right to object to the processing of the data which the Owner gains by collecting the data from the application.
  • Right to access their data. Users should be allowed to Personal Data. You are entitled to ask for copies of your personal information. Copies of Data processing and obtains parts of the processing due the balance of the rights of others.
  • Right to rectification. Users have the right to access and update the accuracy of personal data. By verifying you may also ask the Owner to rectify the incorrect information and also to complete the personal information.
  • Right to restrict the processing of data. Users have the right to ask the Owner to restrict the processing of their data under certain circumstances. In this manner the Owner will not process their Data for other purposes than by storing it.
  • Right to deletion or removal of Personal data. Users have the right to ask the Owner to erase the data in certain circumstances.
  • Right to receive their data and if it’s been transferred to another controller. Users have the right to obtain their data in an organized, commonly used and machine readable format and in case feasible, to have been transferred to another controller without any obstacle. This provision is that the Data is processed by automated ways and that the processing is grounded on the Users consent, on a contract which the Users is a part of or in other ways obligations.
  • Right to lodge or submit a complaint. Users have the right to lodge an action or claim before their data protection authorities.


Further information about the rights to object to processing

When Personal Data is processed for interest such as the public, in the performance of official authority assigned by the Owner or for the valid purposes of the Owner, Users may have the right to object to processing by supplying a ground which is relevant and referred to their situation in order to justify their objection to the processing. Users should be aware that their Personal Data is to be processed for direct marketing purposes, they can object to that specific processing any time and are not required to supply any justification. In order to learn, if the Owner is processing Personal data for direct marketing, the User may to the applicable sections of the document.

Users practise of these rights

Regarding claims or the exercise of the rights the Users shall be directed to the Owner through the contact information which can be found in this document. These claims of exercise can be without any fee and will be helped out by the Owner as soon as possible and in general always within 1 month.

Push notification

This Application may send you push notification to achieve purposes such as written in above. Users may in most cases receive push notification by visiting settings, and change those settings for this Application. By disabling push notifications the Application will have a negative effect on utility.

Push notification for direct marketing

This Application may send push notifications to the users of direct marketing( promoting services and products by third parties). The personal data collected are used to provide the user with services.

Cookie Policy

This Application uses trackers. The user’s data may be used by the owners for legal purposes. Taxi Green is aware that public authorities may be required to reveal personal data if requested. For purposes as maintenance, this Application and third-party may collect files that record interaction and personal Data.

Changes of Privacy Policy

Taxi Green preserves the right to make changes in this privacy policy at any time by notifying the users on this page and/or possibly within Application. Taxi Green recommends checking this page often.

List of Systems where your data is stored

This section explains some systems where data is stored. The Bold text corresponds to the system and in parentheses is what data is processed.

WordPress Stats (Cookies, Usage data. Country: United States)

Contact form, Application(Personal data such as email address, surname, last name, phone number)

Phone contact, Application (Processed data is phone number)

Instagram widget( Cookies and usage data, Country: USA)

Google font(Usage data, Country: Ireland)

Activity in your device(general activity and movement data)

Stripe Inc(Payment data- various types of data. Country: USA)

Facebook social widgets( Cookies, usage data, Country:USA)

Geolocation, Application(geographic position)

Apple App Store( Usage Data, Country: USA)

Google Play store( Usage Data, Country: Ireland) Various types of Data, Country: USA)


This section is to clarify some terms.


Personal Data/ data

  • Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data. Example: surname, address etc.

Usage data

  • Information that is collected automatically through this Application or by third party services. This can include for example IP address, domain names, country of origin and statistical data.


  • The only individual that is using this Application. The one who is owning the device and downloading this Application.


  • The company itself and its staff.


  • Cookies are text files with small pieces of data in user’s browser.

Latest update: June, 2022